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Our Vision

The Cotton Club Museum and Cultural Center (CCMCC)  will foster and facilitate an understanding of and appreciation for the African American experience and its resulting African-derived culture, thereby inspiring all humankind to embrace it.

Our Mission

The mission of the Cotton Club Museum and Cultural Center is to enrich the experiences of all who wish to grow in knowledge and appreciation of the history and culture of African-derived cultures, highlighting those in Gainesville and North Central Florida, and the African American music legacy.

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Preserve African American History

Collect, authenticate, and catalog artifacts, documents, stories, recordings, and other items that tell the story of African American history, especially local history, and make them available to the public for viewing and study.

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Promote the Visual & Performing Arts

Foster and nurture creativity through the arts and educational programming that cultivates an appreciation for African American history and culture.

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Function as an Instrument of Education

Offer programs, workshops, lectures, and other educational services that increase the community’s awareness of the African American experience.

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Serve as a living cultural institution

Expose the community to excellent artistic works and performances by African Americans and others that showcase the African American experience.


Mr Cowart's Daughter

5 months ago


April 29, 2022- went to a Gospel Festival at the Cotton Club Museum. It was great. I was pleasantly pleased with the art work. Need to go back and take my time viewing them. The music was good. Mount Olive Praise team, Springhill Men Chorus and others. Fantastic to see Covid protocol still being observed.

2 yrs ago....Attended The Juneteenth breakfast this morning and it was fantastic , educational and heart warming. Met some good people, ate delicious food, told my story. Best of all was Abraham Lincoln.This place is really really nice. I will definently attend other events that will be held there. In the heart of the Southeast side of town.


Local Guide·178 reviews

5 months ago

I attended a Convention in Gainesville and one of the activities was to visit 🤝✊The Cotton Club Museum and Cultural Center and hear the history of CCMCC and hear the history of the Rosewood massacre at Mt. Olive AME Church.🙏